life Groups

If Sunday mornings are the doorway into church life then Life Groups are the living room. Life Groups are where strangers become friends as people begin sharing real life together. These are the people who celebrate with you when you get a promotion, and the people who support you when a family member gets a bad report from the doctor. Life Groups are how Lifepointe Church cultivates true friendship among our community.

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are a casual gathering of 8-12 people meeting in homes. Groups typically last 8-12 weeks to allow you easy start and finish points. The purpose of a Life Group is to help you grow in your faith and build lasting relationships. Be a part of experiencing real life change by growing your faith, living with purpose and building community.

steve HARBAUGH – Care and Community PASTOR 

Steve has been an active member of Lifepointe for 10 plus years, serving in worship, men’s and women’s ministries, and leading Life Groups. Steve’s passion for Christ is shown in connecting with people, sharing the Gospel, leading  worship, and teaching. If you would like to know more about Life Groups, when they meet, or how you can get involved you can email Steve.


join a group

Life Groups are designed to make big church small and give you a place where you can meet new friends, grow in your existing relationships, and encounter Jesus together. Use the info below to find a group that works for you.

  • Bill & Jackie Tipps

    Mondays at 6:00

    In Westfield


    Steve & Tracey Harbaugh

    Mondays at 6:30

    In Westfield


    Jim & Anita VarnHagen

    Tuesdays at 6:45

    In Carmel


    Gerald Pullen

    Tuesdays at 6:45

    In Zionsville


    Jean Takeuchi

    Wednesdays at 5:30

    In Westfield


    Barb Haehner

    Thursdays at 6:30

    In North Indy


    Don & Karol Cook

    Thursdays at 6:30

    In Carmel/Westfield


    Alan & Brandy Graham

    Fridays at 6:30

    At Lifepointe