come as you are

Our attendees come in everything from shorts and flip flops to dresses and slacks — so come in whatever you’re comfortable wearing!

When you arrive, we have plenty of parking around our facility – be sure to grab a spot up front! Our team of volunteers will be smiling and welcoming you as you enter the lobby, and will be more than glad to assist you with checking in your kids and finding a seat in the auditorium.

current series

The book of Act is the history of the early church. The miracles, the movement, and the faith of the early christians. But how does this apply to our lives today? And what can we learn from those who came before and who’s faith took hold of an empire.

what should i expect?

In total, a service is about 70 minutes in length. Services begin with the band leading the church in worship music - song lyrics are on screens so you can sing along. Following the music, a speaker presents us with a biblically-based, hope-filled message designed to help us apply Christian principles in our daily lives.