youth ministry at lifepointe

What Can I Expect?

Whether it’s tech, transitions, time or troubles, any of you in middle or high school face unique challenges. You need the stability of a God who knows all of the concerns of your hearts, and speaks the Good News of a Savior who covers all your failures at the Cross.

Lifepointe Youth is what we call the youth ministry at Lifepointe Church. At Lifepointe Youth you will hear an unfiltered message of grace and identity to a generation longing to be known, built up, and empowered to live an abundant and purposeful life.

Time and Location

Lifepointe Youth Meets every Sunday night at Lifepointe Church from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

LifePointe Youth

At Lifepointe Youth we look at youth ministry as a well.  When you think of getting water from a well we have found five steps that also help us remember what we want to do as a ministry to students in the Westfield and Hamilton County area…

  1. Offer a glass of water - OFFER God's grace and truth through personal relationships (evangelism)

  2. Lower the bucket to the water - DIG deep with students to equip them for the calling God has for them (discipleship)

  3. Raise the bucket up - ELEVATE God's name through every aspect of our lives and not just the songs we sing (worship)

  4. Pour the water into a cup - POUR out our lives with multiple generations to share and do life together (fellowship)

  5. Give them the cup - SERVE everyone we are connected to by meeting their needs with God's love (ministry)